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Digital Organising Guide

Download the new Digital Organising Guide! 

You will find an introduction to all aspects of digital organising on campus - how to run meetings, how to take action, how to stay safe online and much more!

6.7MB pdf download

Sweatshop Free Action Guide

A full guide on how you can make your university sweatshop free!

PLEASE NOTE: This campaign is inactive - People & Planet  are unable to offer ongoing support but this resource will remain available. 

3.7MB pdf download

Divest Barclays Action Guide

If we are serious about preventing catastrophic warming, we need to stop Barclays funding any new coal mines, drill any new fracking sites or build any more pipelines. Not a single one. Take action to tell them we’re done expanding the fossil fuel frontier.

8.8MB pdf download

Undoing Borders Action Guide

We are a student movement fighting the advance of the 'hostile environment' onto our campuses and producing a collective vision of the truly public university. We campaign to push back the surveillance and policing of migrant students and workers, and counter-act the financial and administrative barriers that undercut migrants' access to education.

Find out how you can take action on your campus.

2.2MB pdf download