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If we are serious about preventing catastrophic warming, we need to stop Barclays funding any new coal mines, drill any new fracking sites or build any more pipelines. Not a single one. Take action to tell them we’re done expanding the fossil fuel frontier.

Divest Barclays Action Guide

If we are serious about preventing catastrophic warming, we need to stop Barclays funding any new coal mines, drill any new fracking sites or build any more pipelines. Not a single one. Take action to tell them we’re done expanding the fossil fuel frontier.

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Open letter: VCs, refuse Barclays branches return to campus on climate grounds

Image reads 'Lock Out Barclays' with a graphic of a padlock

On 26th February, as part of the day of action concluding People & Planet’s 2021 Go Green Week, under the banner ‘Solidarity Across Borders’ students across the country took action in demand of climate justice and in solidarity with global struggles against resource extraction and forced displacement.

As part of the Divest Barclays campaign, People & Planet sent the following open letter to the Vice Chancellors of five UK Universities: Lancaster University, University of Leeds, University of Liverpool, University of East Anglia and University Of Sussex.

Dear Vice Chancellor

We, the undersigned, are calling on you to cut ties with Barclays bank.

In the midst of a pandemic, Barclays branches are leaving 5 UK Universities, canceling their leases. This leaves universities in the lurch, and students without essential financial services on campus.

Barclays bank is the biggest fossil fuel funder in Europe, pumping over £100 billion into fossil fuel companies since the Paris Agreement was signed. There can be no disputing that this bank has no intention of responsible action in the face of a climate crisis locking us into devastation, regardless of rhetoric.

Coronavirus isn’t the only global crisis today – we’re facing full-blown climate collapse. If we’re to stop it, we need to align all our areas of operations, including banking, with serious climate action. Studies show there cannot be any new oil, coal or gas infrastructure constructed anywhere if we’re to stay below 1.5C warming. 

We are making one simple and manageable request: Adopt a policy that makes it clear that Barclays branches cannot return to campus while they remain fossil fuel funders.

We need to send a message: our universities take the climate crisis seriously.

Release a public statement that you will not grant Barclays leases on university property until they cease funding fossil fuel infrastructure.

In hope, determination and sincerity

People & Planet, the UK’s largest climate justice student campaign network

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People & Planet Leeds and the Quest For Fossil Free Finance

Photograph of four students at a table with signs reading "sign our petition", "bankrupt climate change" etc.

Our biggest achievement this year was at Leeds University Union’s May Forum, where we put forward a motion asking the union to lobby the University of Leeds to cut ties with Barclays until it stops funding the climate breakdown. Having achieved a huge victory at the start of the academic year, with the University divesting £3.6 million of its shares in Shell, BP and Total, we wanted to keep up the momentum and pressure the University to examine its secondary links to the fossil fuel industry. 

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Divest Barclays Campaign Tour 2019

Join People & Planet at a series of  events across the UK in Autumn 2019, as we kick off a new set of Divest Barclays campaigns. Expect grassroots activism, exciting workshops and big names from across the political spectrum - it's not to be missed.

LEEDS - Join us on the evening of the 24th October with Alex Sobel MP, Youth Strike 4 Climate, Momentum Leeds and more.

Update on Kinder Morgan pipeline for People & Planet

Photo of Ocean Hyland in front of a London Barclays branch with text discussing the Alberta Tar Sands.

Hello, People & Plant friends!

My name is Ocean Hyland, I am from Tsleil-waututh Nation which is a community located near Vancouver, BC, Canada. 
A community which would be heavily affected if the proposed pipeline expansion is built through our traditional, unceded territory.
During my stay in London I met many activists and locals who held shared views of environmental protection and stewardship. Including students from People & Planet. 

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Motion SC112 - Divest Barclays #NUSConference 2018

Graphic calling on NUS Conference delegates to support Motion SC112 Divest Barclays

Fossil Free University of Bristol have submitted a motion to NUS NAtional Conference 2018 #NUSNC18 calling for a boycott of Barclays and to support the divest barclays campaign

Motion: SC112

Title: Divest Barclays

Submitted by: Bristol SU

Conference believes

  1. Burning fossil fuels is the primary contributor to climate injustice. However, projected fossil fuel investment in new fields, mines, and transportation infrastructure over the next twenty years is worth $14tn.
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DANCE continue monthly meditation vigil outside Barclays

Dharma Action Network for Climate Engagement at Barclays in Piccadilly Circus London.
Dharma Action Network for Climate Engagement (DANCE) London continue their monthly meditation vigil outside Barclays in Piccadilly Circus London. 
We walk in meditation from Golden Square nearby and then take our place outside the bank with banners calling on Barclays to “Listen to the Earth!’ . To hear and respond to the clear messages our planet is sending that we must urgently curtail our use of fossil fuels. We also hand out leaflets asking people to move their money.
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5 July 2017

Divest Barclays Launch

Barclays is a major investor in fossil fuel infrastructure across the globe it's time for them to halt their support for the fossil fuel industry before they crash the climate or the economy. Students in the network decided they would build a movement that will get unis to break ties with Barclays, build a mass boycott, end sponsorship deals and show Barclays up for the climate criminal that they are.