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University of Oxford Students’ Union to boycott oil, gas & mining recruitment

Image of students with placards at Oxford university. Text reads Uni of Oxford Students Union Votes to Boycott Oil, Gas and Mining Recruitment

The Oxford University Students Union has voted to boycott recruitment events which feature oil, gas, and mining companies. It joins the student unions at Bristol, Sussex, Edinburgh, Sheffield, Surrey who have all passed similar motions in support of the Fossil Free Careers campaign, coordinated by student campaigning charity People & Planet. The campaign has also been backed by the UK's largest student and staff bodies: the National Union of Students and the University & College Union.

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PRESS RELEASE: University of Northampton ditches fossil fuel investments


HEADLINE: University of Northampton ditches fossil fuel investments


Today the University of Northampton becomes the 95th UK university to announce its divestment from the fossil fuel industry. The decision comes as part of the university’s wider work to journey away from fossil fuels and towards zero net carbon by 2030.

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