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Handover checklist

We’ve made this guide to take you through some steps to ensure your group continues next year and continues to build on the progress you’ve made, even if key organisers are leaving.

101.0kB pdf download

Sample Press Release

Sample press release image - from page 37 of the 'Divest Barclays Action Guide'.

PLEASE NOTE: This campaign is inactive - People & Planet  are unable to offer ongoing support but this resource will remain available. 

193.5kB pdf download

Introduction to Digital Organising

Download the new Digital Organising Guide! 

You will find an introduction to all aspects of digital organising on campus - how to run meetings, how to take action, how to stay safe online and much more!

2.3MB pdf download

Media Guide

Utilising the media for your campaign can be incredibly effective for growing your reach and maximising your impact. This guide shows you how!

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