University of Exeter

Fossil Free

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Divestment Commitment partial
Divested from coal and tar sands but not other Fossil Fuels.

Fossil Free Scorecard: University of Exeter


Invested in fossil fuels. That’s 6.5% of total endowment fund of £29,274,000
Data estimated from FoI


Barclays £Money in bank
NatWest £Money in bank ATMs on campus Branches on campus
Lloyds £Money in bank
HSBC £Money in bank
Santander £Money in bank ATMs on campus Branches on campus
Close Brothers £Money in bank
Nationwide £Money in bank
Standard Chartered £Money in bank
Coventry Building Society £Money in bank
Leeds Building Society £Money in bank
Credit Suisse £Money in bank
Nordea Bank Finland £Money in bank
Toronto Dominion Bank Ltd £Money in bank
Triple-A Rated Money Market Fund £Money in bank
J.P. Morgan £Money in bank
YourCash ATMs on campus

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