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Aberystwyth University FAILED the People & Planet Green League 2012


So how did Aberystwyth University score against the 13 Policy & Performance criteria in the People & Planet Green League 2012? Full breakdown below.

Policy & Management Section

Could do better1. Environmental Policy

Total Score: 3/5 points.



Does Aberystwyth University have a publicly available environmental policy? Yes: Links provided:


Is it reported on annually at a senior level? Yes


Does it set SMART targets reduce environmental impacts in all the following areas?:

  • Transport: No
  • Biodiversity: Yes
  • Community involvement: No
  • Construction and refurbishment: Yes
  • Emissions and discharges: No
  • Sustainable procurement: No
  • Waste: No
  • Water: No


Could do better2. Environmental Management Staff FTE

Total Score: 4/8 points.

Aberystwyth University has 0.56 staff dedicated to environmental management per 5000 students (capped at 15,000 students), giving a score of 4 out of 8 points.

Poor performance3. Environmental Auditing and Management Systems

Total Score: 2.5/8 points.



Aberystwyth University has audited its environmental impacts in the following areas within the last five years (0.5 points for each area):

  • Biodiversity: Yes
  • Construction and refurbishment: No
  • Emissions and discharges: Yes
  • Energy: Yes
  • Sustainable procurement: No
  • Transport: Yes
  • Waste: Yes
  • Water: No


Does Aberystwyth University operate an externally audited Environmental Management System (e.g. ISO14001, EMAS, Ecocampus, Green Dragon, IEMA Acorn Scheme [BS8885])?


no data4. Ethical Investment

Total Score: 0/3 points.



Does Aberystwyth University have a publicly available ethical investment policy? No


Is the publicly available ethical investment policy reported on annually and/or are there ongoing opportunities for staff, students and other stakeholders to engage with the policy? No


Has Aberystwyth University, on ethical grounds: a) divested, b) invested, c) engaged with companies as a shareholder, or d) changed banking provider in the last year? No


no data5. Carbon Management

Total Score: 0/7 points.



Does Aberystwyth University have a publicly available Carbon Management Plan which meets the Carbon Trust and Capital Investment Framework requirements?


How ambitious is Aberystwyth University’s average annual % carbon reduction target (calculated from an institution’s short-term targets from a 2005 baseline)


The scope of Aberystwyth University’s carbon management plan baseline & targets includes emissions from the following areas:

  • Procurement : No
  • Staff and student business trips e.g. flights to conferences and field trips: No
  • Staff and students commuting to university on a daily basis: No
  • Carbon emissions associated with the travel between students’ homes and the university at the start and end of term (including international students’ travel to and from their home country) : No


Could do better6. Fairtrade & Ethical Procurement

Total Score: 1/2 points.



Is Aberystwyth University an accredited Fairtrade University with the Fairtrade Foundation. Yes


Does Aberystwyth University have a joint staff/student steering group with the remit of going beyond Fairtrade and increasing the sustainability of all procurement categories? No


Is Aberystwyth University affiliated to the Worker Rights Consortium, in order to monitor the suppliers and parts of its garment supply chains that are not covered by Fairtrade certification? No


Poor performance7. Sustainable Food

Total Score: 0.5/2 points.



Does Aberystwyth University have a publicly available Sustainable Food policy which sets specific timebound targets for improvements?


Is the sustainable food policy reported on annually at a senior level? Yes


Aberystwyth University is implementing the following sustainable food practices or is working towards Soil Association Food for Life catering mark:

  • only purchasing/using free-range eggs Yes

  • only purchasing/using sustainable fish Yes

  • Menus change with the availability of seasonal produce No

  • not selling bottled water through its hospitaility services No

  • purchasing 100% organic milk No

  • less and better meat No

  • working towards Food for Life accreditation with the Soil Association No


Poor performance8. Staff & Student Engagement

Total Score: 1/3 points.

The following activities to engage students and staff in sustainability issues are taking place at Aberystwyth University:

  • Students’ Union or Students’ Association associated to the institution has achieved a Bronze, Silver or Gold Award in this year’s Green Impact Union Awards (or similar) Yes

  • University actively supports an annual Go Green Week or Environment Week No

  • Staff engagement scheme to involve staff in improving the environmental performance of the university- for eg. Green Impact Universities or departmental eco-champions No

  • Initiatives to increase energy saving behaviour of all students in halls of residence (eg. Student Switch Off) No

  • Initiatives to increase recycling behaviour of all students in halls of residence No

  • Student representation on all university committees concerned with estates, planning, finance and resource allocation. Yes

  • Environmental awareness-raising campaigns that reach all students and staff No

  • Coursework linked to sustainability projects within the university/estates department. No

  • Availability of university funds for student or staff-led practical sustainability projects (eg. campus allotments, recycling schemes etc) No

  • Oversight and involvement of students and staff in the development and ongoing moni- toring of Carbon Management Plan. Yes

  • Provision of space for student / staff food-growing projects Yes

  • All staff inductions cover sustainability policy and issues No

  • Trade Union climate action groups (eg. GreenReps) or time off to participate in Union- linked sustainability initiatives. No

Could do better9. Curriculum

Total Score: 1/2 points.

The following activities to integrate sustainability issues throughout the curriculum are taking place at Aberystwyth University:

  • Is there a commitment to integrate sustainability into the curriculum in their Corporate or Strategic Plan? Yes
  • Is there a commitment to integrate sustainability into the curriculum in their Teaching and Learning Strategy? No
  • Is there a commitment to integrate sustainability into the curriculum in the Environmental Policy? Yes
  • Is support or training made available to all staff to help them integrate sustainability into the curriculum? No
  • Is there a review and reporting process in place to monitor the integration of sustainability into the curriculum? No

Performance Section

no data10. Renewable Energy

Total Score: 0/6



Aberystwyth University purchases 0.00% of its electricity from renewable sources.


Aberystwyth University generates 0 kWh of its energy by Combined Heat and Power (CHP).


Aberystwyth University generates 0.00% energy on-site from Low or Zero-Carbon energy sources.


Poor performance11. Waste & Recycling

Total Score: 5/8

Note: Construction waste has been removed from the figures in the waste data below.



Aberystwyth University recycles 54.05% of its total waste.


Aberystwyth University produces 85.17 kg of waste per head


Poor performance12. Carbon Reduction

Total Score: 2/10



Aberystwyth University's average carbon emissions per head is 1341.30kg CO2eq


Aberystwyth University has increased its emissions since 2005 by 7.63%


Poor performance13: Water Consumption

Total Score: 1/6



Aberystwyth University uses 20.81kl water per head.


0.0000% of Aberystwyth University's water comes from grey or rain water sources.


Their proudest green achievement this year

Innovative Electricity Saving

Photo of ... PAWS for thought

Aberystwyth University has developed the innovative JISC-funded PAWS (Powerdown and Wake System) project, a computer program that saves electricity by turning off idle computers.

Speaking earlier this year about the project’s success to date, Rob Johnson of Aberystwyth’s Information Services department said: ‘PAWS Mark 1 has already saved in the region of £25,000 in electricity costs and of course more importantly approximately 185 tonnes of CO2 emissions since its inception in July 2010. We hope to at least double this saving by deployment on Staff computers and more so by deploying to other institutions’.

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