People & Planet Green League

How green is your university?

People & Planet’s Green League is the only comprehensive and independent league table of UK universities ranked by environmental and ethical performance. It is compiled annually by the UK’s largest student campaigning network, People & Planet.

People & Planet are proud to receive an open letter of support for the 2014 Green League from 21 environmenal and social change organisations.

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There is also a downloadable pdf. guide you can use to print out.

Stakeholder Update: 3 week extension

We are pleased to announce that we have agreed a three week extension with our media partner, in response to feedback. The updated timetable is below:

  • 5pm 6 October survey closes
  • 27 October appeals open
  • 10 November appeals close
  • 2 December full rankings published in the Guardian and on our website.

Please note The unique survey links have been sent out in emails on 23, 29 and 31 July. If you have not received yours please check your Spam/Junk box and get in touch directly.

Are you a key contact?

People & Planet encourage universities to provide us with key contacts for staff involved or responsible for the completion of their League survey.

Please let us know.

How green is your university?

Find out how green your University is using our interactive Green League table which ranks every UK university and measures its progress to becoming a Transition University.

The award-winning People & Planet Green League is the only independent league table showing the environmental & ethical performance of UK universities and is credited with putting climate change on the desk of every Vice-Chancellor in the UK.

More universities than ever participated in People & Planet’s Green League 2013 with 143 universities providing People & Planet and HESA with enough information to be entered into the 2013 league table.

The 2013 league table was published by The Guardian. View the full features on The Guardian Education website

Find out what people are saying about this year’s People & Planet Green League on our **Supporters page

For potential students

If you are considering going to university compare your UCAS choices first by using our Create-Your-Own Green League tool. Studying or working at the greenest UK universities will provide you with the skills and knowledge you need to get the green jobs of the future, whereas going to the worst can dramatically increase your own carbon footprint!

Once you start at the university of choice, get involved in campaigning with your local People & Planet group and work with your university to make the transition to a low-carbon, sustainable future

Visit our Student Media page to help make a big splash about the Green League results in your local student paper.

We would like to thank all our hard-working student volunteers without whom the compilation of the People & Planet Green League 2013 would simply not be possible. In no particular order, thank you to: Charlotte Black, Gabriela Mendez, Gratiela Necsutu, Mogi Tsend Ayush, Anna Boeles-Rowland, Tiffany Williams, Kameliya Stoyanova, Sarah Jones, Lori Marriott, Isabelle Mumby, Elsa Zhoa, Tara Clarke, Ruth Fox, Andy Taylor. And a big thanks to the Green League project team Zach White, Jessica Stanton, Richard Roaf, Phoebe Cullingworth, Rich Lott, Hannah Smith and Louise Hazan.

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