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Photo of Bangladesh building collapse

Time for the brands to Pay Up!

5 Mar 2014
fossil fuels

New reports conclude that over €1 trillion in European financial institutions at risk from growing carbon bubble, while divestment from fossil fuels will not harm returns

5 Mar 2014 Climate Change

Over 100,000 Cambodian factory workers are refusing to work overtime - the next phase of a campaign demanding a higher minimum wage.

3 Mar 2014 Corporate Power
Photo of ...imdex263228  2014 January Fossil Free Go Green Week action card designs - Sean Farmelo Valentines card mockups Do you love climate change Do you love climate change- - Its me or the fossil fuels

Students in schools and colleges across the UK joined the biggest week of student action on climate change taking part in the most successful Go Green Week to date.

28 Feb 2014 Climate Change
imdex24480  2013 Unsorted badidas machine

This Fairtrade Fortnight, will you support garment workers in Cambodia who are bravely fighting for a better wage?

27 Feb 2014 Corporate Power, Fairtrade
save your union ULU logo

University of London students have voted overwhelmingly against proposals to scrap the University of London Union (ULU) and replace it with a management run student services centre.

26 Feb 2014 Climate Change, Corporate Power
Edinburgh PP hand in 1400 Fossil Free petition signatures

Edinburgh hand in petition as part of Fossil Free Friday - a national day of action calling for universities to divest from fossil fuels

14 Feb 2014 Climate Change
2013 Novemeber  Fossil Free UEA launch

First UK national day of action on fossil fuel divestment gets underway, on final day of Go Green Week 2014

14 Feb 2014 Climate Change
imdex263479  2014 Feburary Go Green Week Facebook Banners and Memes Happy Fossil Free Friday

Hundreds of students today took part in Fossil Free Friday, a national day of action, calling on their universities and politicians to break up with the fossil fuel industry.

14 Feb 2014 Climate Change

As part of Go Green Week, students have published an open letter to every Vice-Chancellor in the UK, calling for fossil fuel divestment commitments.

14 Feb 2014 Climate Change