A group of around 30 student activists at Durham University protest outside the library holding colourful placards with Fossil Free Careers slogans


Your donation would allow People & Planet to continue our 50+ year mission of building and strengthening our democratic, student-led activist network. By running workshops, distributing resources and conducting rigorous research, we can give students the tools they need to win grassroots campaigns on campuses across the UK and skills they will use years after graduating. These institutional changes reverberate accross the sector and are vital in the multifaceted fight for environmental and social justice.

Our generous donors are invaluable to the work that we do.

Signing up for a regular donation or a one-off gift means that you can directly fund student activism, power the People & Planet movement, and contribute towards grassroots student resistance to destructive corporate and institutional interest.

If you're not able to support us financially, there are plenty of other ways you can get involved with our national network...

  • Two young campaigners leading a workshop stand in front of a flipchart paper which says 'what are the benefits of participatory decision making'?'
    Our goals and guiding principles are central to the way that we build up and empower our autonomous, democratic and student-led activists network. We've been committed to these aims for decades, and we are so proud of how we've grown over the years.
  • five student activists protest outside a Samsung outlet. They are holding a banner and chanting.
    Signing and sharing our petitions, which are in support of the many Fossil Free, Fossil Free Careers and Divest Borders campaigns taking place across the country, is a great way to help our student activists achieve their goals.
  • A panel of speakers sits in front of a People & Planet banner.
    By checking out our news page, following our socials and signing up to our mailing lists, you can be notified of our campaign successes, our actions, our events and the awesome achievements of our student activists.
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