Meet our staff team!

Here we are, presented in random order.

Rosie Rawle Movement Building and Communications Manager

Rosie is our Movement Building and Communications Manager.She is responsible for organising events, supporting the network and managing our communications.

Andre Dallas Co Director - Migrant Justice

André is our Co-Director for our Divest Borders campaign and also sits on our Management Team.

Paula Lacey Fundraising & Communications Officer

Paula is working with individual donors to raise funds for People & Planet.

Graham Gillions Co-Director: Development

Graham is our Development Co-Director. He is responsible for raising funds from grant giving organisations and individual donors. He also sits on Management Team.

Fergus Green Climate Justice Officer

Fergus Green is our Climate Justice Officer, working on Fossil Free Careers.

Josie Mizen Co-Director, Climate Justice

Josie is the campaign lead for Fossil Free Careers, leads the Climate Justice team and is a member of Management Team.

Virginia Moffatt Co-Director:Operations

Virginia is our Co-Director for Operations. She is responsible for managing the day to day operations of People & Planet, sits on Management Team and supports the Board of Trustees.

Sasha Haddad Campaigns & Movement Building Coordinator - Migrant Justice

Sasha Haddad is our Campaign & Movement Building Coordinator for Migrant Justice. She works with student groups running our Divest Border Campaign.

Ian Williams Finance Manager

Ian is our finance manager and is responsible for all money related matters, he currently sits on Management Team.

Jack Ruane University League Manager

Jack manages the People & Planet University League which ranks UK universities by their performance on social and climate justice issues.

Maddie Bromfield Climate Justice Campaigner - Fossil Free Careers

Photo of Maddie

Maddie is our Climate Justice Campaigner. She currently works on Fossil Free Careers.

Laura Clayson Campaigns Manager - Climate Justice

Laura is our Campaigns Manager, Climate Justice, leading our Fossil Free Divest campaign.

Regina Avendano Campaign and Movement Building Coordinator - Climate Justice

Regina works with student groups to help them participate in the Fossil Free Divest campaign

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