People & Planet Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees is the team of people who oversee all the work that the People & Planet does and tries to keep the organisation working in the best interests of the network.

This is your portal to finding out all about the Board of Trustees (also known as the BoT) — who we are, what we’re currently doing, and how you can get involved. Check here regularly, and watch out for announcements, to find out about which consultations we’re currently running on our work, so that you, as part of the network, can continue to be involved in how People & Planet is run.

Current Trustees

People & Planet's trustees in random order.

Photo of Nat

Nat Shiers

Student Trustee

Nat has been actively involved with Warwick People & Planet since 2009 and has helped organise actions against the fossil fuel industry, sweatshops, RBS and the arms industry. He’s been a charity trustee on the board of Warwick Students’ Union for several years. He has the experience of being part of student campaigning for many years and he’s driven by the need to take action against injustice. He has a research background, is good with numbers and loves to use these with campaigns. He'd like to see People & Planet work more closely with other climate and social justice movements, particularly those on the frontlines of climate change.

Sophie Baumert

Student Trustee

Sarah Shoraka

Non-Student Trustee

I am an experienced campaigner and activist motivated by a strong commitment to social justice, human rights and environmental issues. I am currently employed by Platform as a campaigner, a role I have done for 4 years. During that time, I have worked mainly on solidarity work with communities and movements resisting Shell in the Niger Delta and I have run the organisation and fundraised for our work. Previously, I was employed by Greenpeace as a campaigner for 4 years working on unsustainable fishing, deforestation and oil; focussing on West and Central Africa, Brazil, Indonesia, the UK and the Arctic. As an activist I have been part of groups such as Reclaim the Power, Climate Camp, Plane Stupid and UKUncut.

Rob Saunders

Non-Student Trustee, Treasurer

As Treasurer Rob is reviewing our funding basis and forward planning. He has worked for Oxfam for 10 years, 6 years on campaigns and then in different roles working with the CEO and more recently with the Oxfam shops - the common theme throughout has been managing finances and planning processes, asking sensible questions and making sure the right things are considered before making decisions. He has managed teams of accountants for 8 years in different and quite complex contexts, more recently in a 700 strong shop network turning over £80M pa with a volunteer workforce of 22,000 people.

Adam Ramsay

Non-Student Trustee
Photo of Dan

Dan Goss

Student Trustee, Consultant

Dan is a Mathematics graduate from Warwick University. Whilst there, he was an organiser of the successful Fossil Free Warwick campaign, as well as being involved with other People & Planet actions, and campaigning with Warwick for Free Education against the marketisation of higher education. Since graduating, Dan has worked at Move Your Money on a divestment campaigning targeting HSBC's financing of coal mining in the global south, and currently organises with Fuel Poverty Action in London, as well as being involved in other forms of grassroots agitation. He is an experienced facilitator and direct action trainer, and is interested in rock climbing, information security, social reproduction and communist futures. Dan believes People & Planet provides a crucial opportunity for students to develop politically, learn the basics of effective campaigning, and form a collective consciousness in an increasingly neoliberal and atomised university environment, and in future would like to see it better facilitate these same opportunities beyond the usual Russell Group universities, and in further education

Zoe Malik

Student Trustee, FE
Photo of Chris

Chris Saltmarsh

Student Trustee, Chair

Chris, who is currently Chair of the Board, is an Undergraduate student at the University of Sheffield studying Politics & Philosophy. There he coordinates Sheffield People & Planet's Fossil Free campaign which has successfully achieved divestment and is now focusing on the Uni's research links. He's also active in the local Sweatshop Free campaign and is a P&P Regional Organiser for the North & Midlands, and has previously campaigned for Free Education with the Free University of Sheffield and been a part of the Living Wage Campaign.

In his free time he experiments with delicious vegan food, has a Very Aesthetic Instagram, and is a connoisseur of the dankest of memes.

Lily Tomson

Non-Student Trustee

Lily was first involved with P&P as a 16-year-old attending UWC Atlantic College, and working on overfishing issues. She  studied Social Anthropology and Politics at the University of Cambridge alongside working on topics as diverse as investment finance, food waste, and multi-generational housing. She has worked in everything from palliative care to NHS administration, and currently manages Cambridge Hub, working to engage students in social action by connecting projects, expertise and people in pursuit of a better world.

Eva Nohe

Student Trustee
Photo of Josh

Josh Robinson

Non-Student Trustee

I lecture in English and comparative literature and critical and cultural theory at Cardiff University, where I am also an active member of the University and College Union. My research focuses on contemporary poetry and its implications for critical theories of society: I am currently theorizing how examination of works of art and literature can help identify ways in which we can undo the domination over our lives of the commodity, abstract labour and the state. As an educator I specialize in transformative, emancipatory education, supporting students to reflect critically on the institutions and societies in which they learn, live and work, and and empowering them, individually and collectively, to change their worlds for the better. As a student I was an active member of Cambridge People and Planet, and as Regional Rep and student member of the Management Committee, the forerunner to the Board of Trustees.

Olivia McLaughlin

Student Trustee

Trustees: How We Work

Our Jobs

The Board of Trustees has a lot of responsibility for making sure People & Planet is fulfilling its aims: it approves our accounts and annual budgets, and comments on and approves staff plans, ensuring that the office is working on the best projects to support your campaigning.

It’s also involved democratically with the network: student members are elected every year to represent the student network on the Board of Trustees, and it works to be open with the network about the work it’s doing — both keeping the network informed about the decisions being made and providing spaces for the network to be involved in decision-making.

Our Membership

The Board of Trustees is made up of democratically elected student members and also non-student members drawn from other organisations such as Oxfam, Friends of the Earth or ActionAid, who are chosen for their areas of expertise. The elected student members always make up more than half of the Board of Trustees, and meetings are chaired by the student members in rotation.

Our Processes

The Board of Trustees currently meets four times a year, and all members try to attend. Office staff are also invited along to meetings in an advisory capacity when needed. You can find summaries of our meetings and important information about what we’re discussing on the Meetings, Minutes, Papers page.

Meeting Minutes

You can find out what was discussed at the Board of Trustees meetings by reading the minutes published here.