Anna from Glasgow Uni reporting from Paris COP 2015

11 May 2016 16:44,

We are breaking the ban on protest to challenge false solutions.

COP21 is supposed to negotiate a new climate agreement. My hopes were high for an ambitious deal. That was before the conference started. So far we have seen targets set that will take us well above the 1.5 degrees C ‘safety zone’ and closer to a 3 degrees C world where front-line communities are readily sacrificed. At the same time attempts are being made to silenced front-line and indigenous voices.

Today I’ve joined hundreds of people from across the world at the COP21 ‘Solutions Conference’. This corporate-expo is a platform for some of the world’s most socially and environmentally destructive corporations, including the likes of dirty energy giant Engie (formerly GDF Suez and COP21 sponsor).

Corporate packages ranging up to $266,000 ensure you don’t have to settle for mere exhibition space but can have VIP access to networking areas with negotiators and politicians, as well as guaranteed TV coverage.

Some of the making their way to the expo are here to green-wash our future, some of us are coming back after being thrown out alongside indigenous leaders earlier in the week. I’m arriving for the first time to highlight this ‘False Solutions’ Conference for what it is and challenge the hypocrisy and disrespect these these corporate sponsors show us.

 Anna, Glasgow Uni

This video from the protest earlier in the week went viral, clocking over 7 million views and exposing how corporate heavies at COP were ordered to silence indigenous leaders who were attending COP to fight to protect their native home lands.

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