Stop Ordnance Survey Ads on #MuslimBan Breitbart News

2 Feb 2017 17:39, Andy & Dalia

Newman University just called to tell us that they have blocked their ads from appearing on #MuslimBan cheerleaders Breitbart news!

It only took a few hours of campaigning to win this, let's use our people power to create a landslide.

The self proclaimed voice of the alt-right Breitbart is still pumping out stories propping up Trump and his #MuslimBan with headlines from today that include - Poll: Public Overwhelmingly Supports Trump Push to Limit Migration, ‘Deeply Irresponsible’ to Call Trump Executive Order ‘Muslim Ban’ and ‘Angel’ Dad: ‘I’m Happy’ about Trump’s Immigration Orders.

Alongside these headlines and others cheer-leading the ban are more adverts from UK government agencies, brands and even immigration lawyers. Newman University say they didn't know their ad was prominent on Breitbart, so there is a good chance that with a bit of pressure we can easily starve Breitbart of even more cash for adverts.

Right now we are calling on Ordnance Survey and UK Migration Lawyers to pull their ads that are propping up racist reporting.

SIGN the petition calling on them to pull the ads

Tweet to thank Newman and demand Ordnance Survey and UK Migration Lawyers take down their ads:
Great .@Newman_Uni blocked ads on #MuslimBan cheerleader Breitbart? Will .@OrdnanceSurvey & .@MigrationLawUK pullout?

And remember if you want to offer some direct support to Muslims facing the ban? Then think about helping fund legal challenges to this racist and potentially illegal policy via Immigrant Defenders Law Center in LA.

Big love to all of you who helped get Newman to pull their ads,

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