Why you should come to Power Shift 2017

13 Apr 2017 11:18, Áine O'Gorman, Fossil Free Trinity College Dublin

How great is Power Shift? Really great!

Would Fossil Free TCD have been as effective in our Divestment campaign if we hadn’t attended last summer? No way.

Power Shift didn’t just teach us strategy techniques that helped us push our campaign over the line to win, it taught us so much more. We could suddenly hold effective, fun meetings; we drew people in and kept them on board; our creativity was unleashed and our actions got ever the more imaginative and effective, and our profile on campus and across Ireland soared. Most of all we met an incredible community of people that we could call on, share with, help and get advice from.

Even if all that wasn’t the case, even if I hadn’t been in the middle of a campaign to save the world and needed solid training, I’d tell you how great it was (have I mentioned its great?). If I was a student with no campaign, yet knew that I wanted to change something in the world but wasn’t exactly sure how to start or what to do, I’d take holidays from my terribly paid summer job and hit the road to Manchester in July. Because there is nothing more empowering than spending 5 days with people who are working towards, fighting for, and taking action for social change.

Now more than ever, we must create a power shift from a politics of division and persecution to a politics of solidarity, truly capable of winning change for global justice.

Power Shift 2017: Training for Change will be taking place this year on 5-9 July in Radcliffe, Manchester.

There’s nothing quite like being around people who understand the issues you’re passionate about and who most importantly are happy to look like eejits as they try to do ceilidh dancing. Also, treat yourself! Its summer and the beer is cheap, the food is tasty (and vegan if you’re that way inclined), the times are good and the campfire never burnt anyone last year.

Trust me, it’s not to be missed! Book your tickets now!

See you there!

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