CALL OUT to Escalate Fossil Fuel Divestment Campaigns for National Day of Action

25 Oct 2017 10:34, People & Planet, University of Manchester; Zero Carbon Cambridge; People & Planet, UEA; Leeds University Fossil Free; Fossil Free UCL

Following 3 years of student campaigning for fossil fuel divestment at the University of Manchester, where the institution has consistently ignored our efforts, we are ramping up the pressure and joining forces with other university campaigns around the UK, including Cambridge, Leeds, UCL and UEA.

We have all long been demanding that our institutions divest, but have been continually rejected despite massive support on our campuses. Now we’re calling for a National Day of Action to escalate our divestment campaigns together: until we win!

Our universities are scared of bad reputations, which can strongly stem from media pressure. By uniting forces across the UK, we will amplify our different campaigns’ messages and hit the national level forcing universities into divestment commitments.

The plan:

On the 22nd November, the week after the COP23 climate conference in Bonn, we are calling on any and all divestment groups to join us in taking a diversity of actions escalating our campaigns including marches, sit-ins, occupations and more.

On the day, we will unify around the colour of Fossil Free orange, and the slogan 'ENOUGH IS ENOUGH, DIVEST!' to demand together that our universities take our popular calls for divestment seriously and put their own students' futures ahead of their vested interests in the fossil fuel industry which profits from climate crisis.

We are asking any divestment group to join the National Day of Action for Divestment by escalating their own campaign or taking action in solidarity with ongoing divestment campaigns if you have already won.

Email to get involved and take action with us for divestment.

People & Planet, University of Manchester
Zero Carbon Cambridge
People & Planet, UEA
Leeds University Fossil Free
Fossil Free UCL

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