DANCE continue monthly meditation vigil outside Barclays

10 Mar 2020 11:34, Joe Mishan
Dharma Action Network for Climate Engagement (DANCE) London continue their monthly meditation vigil outside Barclays in Piccadilly Circus London. 
We walk in meditation from Golden Square nearby and then take our place outside the bank with banners calling on Barclays to “Listen to the Earth!’ . To hear and respond to the clear messages our planet is sending that we must urgently curtail our use of fossil fuels. We also hand out leaflets asking people to move their money.
There are signs that the bank is starting to take notice. The police have been called  - and gone away rather puzzled after speaking to the manager. And we have been asked by the manager to stop our protest as we are ‘attracting too much attention’ (!) Well, no harm in asking… 
Sitting quietly in the hubbub of Piccadilly Circus gets a lot of attention from the public: it has a quiet but powerful visual impact. (Also it’s a great meditation practice!) We have plans to ramp up the pressure in the coming months with new visual formats. But we will remain close to the principles of non-harming and compassion whilst being completely committed to protecting this precious and unique planet on which we live.

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