Cardiff Students’ Union Boycott Fossil Fuel Recruiters

14 Jun 2023 09:11, Climate Team

Cardiff University Students’ Union has voted to boycott fossil fuel recruiters following a successful student union motion. This comes as campaigners at Cardiff call on the University to cut ties with the fossil fuel industry.


The passing of this motion sees Cardiff Student’s Union commit to no longer allowing oil, gas or mining companies access to its venues or to receive any endorsement from the Union. This is the latest success for the Fossil Free Careers campaign, Coordinated by student-led campaigning charity People & Planet, which calls on universities to adopt an Ethical Careers Policy excluding oil, gas and mining industry recruitment on campus.


With the Cardiff Student’s Union now committed to boycott fossil fuel recruiters, campaigners are calling on the University’s careers service to commit to excluding oil, gas and mining industries from careers recruitment. Student campaigning has now seen 3 UK universities cut their recruitment relationships with the fossil fuel industry, with 15 student unions across the UK also pledging to boycott the industry.


Noah Russell, Cardiff Student’s Union said:   

"We are so excited to work with People & Planet to work on the Fossil Free Careers project for the good of the planet's future. Once again, the onus is on students to push the university to make important changes for the sake of the climate, and we will once again step up to the plate. It is too late for empty platitudes explaining away the desire to advertise fossil fuel and mining based jobs, we need Cardiff University to act now and definitively exclude fossil fuel and mining companies from career advertisements to students."



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