Swansea university bans oil & gas recruitment

Our latest victory for Fossil Free Careers! Oil, gas, and tar sands companies have been banned from recruiting at Swansea University Following an 18-month campaign by students and staff.

People & Planet Projects

People & Planet University League

The only league table of UK universities focussing on sustainability and transparency. The People & Planet University League has driven massive improvements in environmental management and monitoring in its 12 year lifetime. Students want and expect their universities to be taking responsibility for a sustainable future and keeping warming below 2°C.

Divest Borders

Our universities directly profit from violence against migrating people through investments in the companies that enthusiastically make border injustices possible. We want to build a world free from borders, and as a first step we are demanding that our universities divest from the border industry.

Fossil Free Careers

 University Careers Departments are actively promoting careers in the oil, gas, and mining industries. They are propping up the industries most responsible for the climate and ecological crisis. People & Planet are campaigning to end this recruitment pipeline, and to build a just and liveable world for all.

Fossil Free

We are in a climate crisis. And fossil fuel companies have pumped out 71% of the global carbon emissions that have caused it. UK Universities are profiting from this destructive industry through their investments. In solidarity with the frontline and Indigenous communities experiencing climate impacts and resisting extraction projects, we are demanding an end to this relationship. Universities must move their money out of fossil fuels.