Universities committed to Fossil Free Careers

We are campaigning for all universities to end oil, gas, and mining recruitment on their campus. So far, one UK university has a policy in place that ends extractive industry recruitment. Why not start up a campaign to push your university to join the list?

  • Sept 2022 - Birkbeck, University of London becomes the first university in the UK to put in place an Ethical Careers Policy that ends oil, gas, and mining recruitment on campus.

Fossil Free Careers Supporters

So far, 10 UK Students' Unions, collectively representing 232,225 students, have committed to boycott oil, gas, and mining recruitment events.

  • Nov 2021 - The University of Bristol Students' Union is the first in the UK to pass a Fossil Free Careers motion pledging to boycott oil, gas, and mining recruitment.

  • Dec 2021 - The University of Sussex Students' Union quickly follows, with student council voting overwhelmingly to back the Fossil Free Careers campaign.

  • Feb 2022 - The University of Edinburgh Students' Association is the first in Scotland to adopt a Fossil Free Careers motion, with 84% of student reps voting for the policy.
    • The University of Cambridge Students' Union backs the Fossil Free Careers campaign.
    • The University of Sheffield Students' Union votes to boycott all fossil fuel recruitment.
    • The National Union of Students officially endorses the campaign.
  • Mar 2022 - The For Good jobs and learning platform is the first private sector careers service to implement an Ethical Careers Policy and exclude the oil, gas, and mining industry from all student recruitment.
    • The University and College Union (UCU) Academic Related & Professional Services Staff (which represents careers service staff) passes a motion in support of Fossil Free Careers at their Annual Meeting.
    • The University of Oxford Student Union votes at Student Council to back Fossil Free Careers and boycott oil, gas, and mining industry recruitment.
  • April 2022 - Queen's University Belfast Student Union is the first on the island of Ireland to back the Fossil Free Careers campaign.
  • May 2022 - The University of Surrey Students' Union votes to boycott oil, gas, mining and arms recruitment, with students voting to back Fossil Free Careers and Arms off Campus  in the same session.
  • June 2022 - The UK's largest body of university staff, the University and College Union (UCU) votes at its National Congress to back the Fossil Free Careers and actively support the campaign.
  • November 2022 - Durham University SU votes to support Fossil Free Careers after a motion is taken to Assembly by Eco DU.
    • The Falmouth and Exeter SU releases a statement officially endorsing Fossil Free Careers after student council votes through a proposal from the Youth Climate Action group.
    • Durham University UCU branch votes to back Fossil Free Careers.
    • University of Sheffield UCU votes to back the student campaign for Fossil Free Careers at Sheffield.