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Fossil Free Careers Declaration

People & Planet's Fossil Free Campaign aims to dismantle the recruitment pipeline from universities into the oil, gas, and mining sectors. To do that, we are calling upon all university careers services to adopt an Ethical Careers Policy, in which they commit to ending all recruitment relationships they hold with the extractive industries.

However, not all universities have a dedicated in-house careers service which could implement such a policy. For these cases, we have developed the following Fossil Free Careers Declaration.

Signatories to the Fossil Free Careers Declaration pledge to exclude the extractive industries from any future recruitment services they might offer. They also commit to encouraging and requesting their current recruitment partners no longer work with oil, gas and mining companies.1

The Declaration

>>insert name of institution<< currently has no in-house careers department, service or similar.

As signatories of this Fossil Free Careers declaration, we publicly commit not to offer or accept recruitment opportunities from oil, gas or mining companies if we were to run in-house careers and recruitment services in the future.

Furthermore, we call upon all our recruitment partners to adopt a similar policy. We pledge to encourage and request all our recruitment partners no longer work with oil, gas and mining companies.

Universities exist for public benefit. We must, therefore, support students in their endeavours to be part of the sustainable, ethical workforce that is needed to address the climate crisis and to transition to a just and low-carbon society. We are committed to ensuring that the recruitment services we offer are in line with our ethics as a socially responsible, sustainable institution.

The University therefore declares that:

  • We will exclude oil, gas and mining companies from any future in-house recruitment services that we might offer.
  • We will encourage and request that all our current recruitment partners to exclude oil, gas and mining companies from their recruitment services.

1. For a precise definition of the companies we refer to when we say ‘oil, gas, and mining companies,’ see the Fossil Free Careers Targets page.

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