Today we wake up to a different world

9 Jun 2017 09:35, Naia & Chris, People & Planet

What a night! The votes have been cast and counted and it's clearer than ever that young people want to live in a country based on social justice and dignity for all.

We have an opportunity to set in motion the wheels of a better future and end the status quo of neoliberalism, environmental devastation and violent borders.

We can't only rely on politicians to achieve justice for ordinary people – winning transformational change will depend on our ability to mobilise the young people who want to create a power shift away from the elites and big business towards the many.

Together we can build a powerful youth movement that could change the course of history.

Together we can keep fossil fuels in the ground, end the exploitation of workers for the benefit of big business and build a world without borders.

Please join us at Power Shift this Summer to make this a reality.

We need to be clear that we want a country that recognises the urgency of the climate crisis, that respects and protects the rights of workers and that reverses the decades of anti-migrant rhetoric and policies.

On 5-9 July at Power Shift, young people and students from across the UK and Ireland will plan how to build that future. Let's build effective strategies to deliver change on campuses, in our communities and around the world. Let's get the skills needed to mobilise people and win. Let's create effective networks across regions, to help build momentum and solidarity in all our campaigns.

You can be part of building that future. Book your place at Power Shift now.

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