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The fossil fuel industry is unequivocally driving us towards a global climate crisis: we will not keep dangerous climate change at bay without halting our extraction of fossil-fuels. People & Planet is calling on universities to move their money from fossil fuel investments to green energy; to stop the greenwash and to support a clean energy future for all.

A Fossil Free Scotland: Rhetoric or Reality?

This report holds Scottish universities to account on their Fossil Free and Fossil Free Careers commitments. It follows COP26 in Glasgow, and explores what the climate talks meant for the universities of the host nation. Was climate justice being as clearly centred by these universities as the rhetoric we saw being pumped out of them suggested? Or in reality, was it all business as usual?

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January 2020

Half of UK universities pledge to divest from fossil fuels

The Fossil Free campaign hits a major milestone with half of UK universities pledging to divest from fossil fuels. Author and environmentalist, Bill McKibben, says "People & Planet in the UK have done a better job of convincing institutions to divest than anyone anywhere on the globe".

Durham University receive third class grade in People & Planet’s University league, with 0% in ‘Ethical Investment’

Durham students protest

On Tuesday 16th July People & Planet released its 2019 University League, ranking universities by environmental and ethical performance, in which Durham University received a third class grade. Durham ranked 96th in the table, the 4th lowest ranking of a Russell Group university. In the breakdown of the ranking Durham scored 0% on both ‘Environmental Auditing & Management Systems’ and ‘Ethical Investment’.

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Loughborough University has announced that it is divesting fully from fossil fuel companies building on its prior freeze of all fossil fuel investments following student pressure.

The actions of Loughborough People & Planet secured meetings with the Vice Chancellor and Chief Operating Officer, and these discussions have been ongoing since the Easter break in order to bring about a binding motion at University council and secure this victory.

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