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The fossil fuel industry is unequivocally driving us towards a global climate crisis: we will not keep dangerous climate change at bay without halting our extraction of fossil-fuels. People & Planet is calling on universities to move their money from fossil fuel investments to green energy; to stop the greenwash and to support a clean energy future for all.

Go Green Week Action Guide

Go Green Week is People & Planet’s annual national week of student action on climate change. This action guide will help you plan your week and days of action.

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Go Green Week

Go Green Week is the UK’s largest week of student climate action. In 2017 we will draw our Red Lines on our universities, colleges and banks investments in fossil fuels.

It’s people who lead movements, not politicians. It is up to us to create a diverse movement with a clear message: Red Lines are not for crossing. It’s time to decolonise and decarbonise our economies.

Letter from the Zapotec Indigenous community


The NUS represents 7 million students and passes policy at their annual conference. In collaboration with the Zapotec Indigenous community, UK students from the University West of Scotland and beyond are proposing an amendment to the Divest-Invest motion (502b) to support a just transition to renewable energy that does not reproduce the colonial models of extraction employed by the fossil fuel industry. Please act on their call for our solidarity.

To the National Union of Students
To all students in the UK

Dear friends,

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16 Feb 2016

Environmental Association for Universities and Colleges blacklists fossil fuel companies as sponsors

EAUC were accepting sponsorship from British Gas for their national conference where environment managers from UK universities and colleges come to discus how to make our institutions more sustainable.

After students and staff demanded they stopped the greenwash and drop them as a sponsor for all future events - they quickly blacklisted all fossil fuel companies from their events.

October 2013

Fossil Free Campaign launched

Photo of Fossil Free campaign launch at Shared Planet 2013

People & Planet launched the Fossil Free campaign to divest UK universities’ £5.2 billion investments in fossil fuels and sever their ties to an industry fueling the climate crisis.

In October 2013, we organised a high-profile tour of the UK with co-founder Bill McKibben which catapulted the issue of divestment onto media front pages and mobilised a whole new generation of student climate activists. Within a couple of months over 30 local groups had started campaigning for their universities to divest.


People & Planet took UK Government to court over carbon-intensive investments such as tar sands.

Stop our taxes funding climate change

Following the bail out of RBS, the majority of it was owned by the public and we argued that the government should be using its shareholding to invest in a low-carbon future not dirty fossil fuels.

The High Court ruled that the Treasury can ignore climate change and human rights but the fight was not over and we continued to work towards our sustainable vision in our Ditch Dirty Development campaigning that followed.


Ethics for USS campaign success

After a sustained two-year campaign with university staff and students our Ethics for USS campaign persuaded the £20 billion lecturers’ pension fund to adopt a socially responsible investment policy. They were the first big pension fund in the UK to adopt a socially responsible investment policy.