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Sweatshop Free is part of a movement of people across the world, who are coming together to win workers’ rights for sweatshop labourers. Our campaign brings together students and workers in a coalition capable of challenging the root causes of unacceptable working conditions.

20 Jan 2017

Advanced Procurement for Universities and Colleges affiliate to Electronics Watch

Electronics Watch celebrates its first full consortium affiliation, and tenth UK University. Advanced Procurement for Universities and Colleges (APUC), the purchasing consortium for Scotland's Universities and Colleges. All of APUC's 44 higher and further educational institutions became Consortium Affiliates of Electronics Watch through APUC.  This was the first time a whole sector of public bodies in a country had affiliated, and demonstrated the push within the sector in Scotland to achieve a transparent and fair supply chain for the products they purchase.

13 May 2015

Edinburgh University commits to responsible electronics

The University of Edinburgh became the first higher education institution in the UK to become a member  of Electronics Watch.

Behind the Screens

You don’t know what is happening behind the screens….

Labour rights violations continue unabated in much of the electronics industry. Low pay, forced overtime, discrimination against migrants, agency workers and women, lack of protection for workers using dangerous chemicals. All of these are the norm across electronics sweatshops. International electronics brands have failed to ensure their workers are guaranteed decent work.

What it’s Like to Study at a 1st Award Class University

Determining the environmental impact of your degree course can be tough – between greenwashing, behind-the-scenes investments and dodgy supply chains, it can be really hard to know how Green your University really is. That’s why I find the People & Planet University League Table so informative – they ask the big questions, and crunch the big data, then rank Universities accordingly on several different criteria including Environmental Policy, Waste & Recycling, Education and Ethical investment.

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Fall From Grace

Not only has the 2015 #1 failed to make any recognisable progress this year, the University of Plymouth has also failed to maintain it’s ranking between 2016 and 2017, falling a further two places down to 14th.

Two of the University of Plymouths lowest scores are for Ethical Investment and Workers Rights.

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UNISON Goes Sweatshop Free

logo of Unison with banner of sweatshop free victory

UNISON becomes first UK Trade Union to challenge sweatshops in their own supply chain, Who will be next?

Public service union UNISON  became the first trade union in the UK to ensure the electronics they purchase are independently monitored for workers’ rights violations. UNISON joins a growing number of institutions in Europe that have affiliated to Electronics Watch, an independent monitoring organisation that assists institutions in the public sector to improve pay and conditions for those who manufacture the goods they buy.

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Fair Trade Fortnight

2017 has been off to an amazing start for the Sweatshop Free campaign, with every University and College in Scotland joining Electronics Watch, an independent labour monitoring organisation that works to ensure the ICT purchased by universities and other public sector bodies is produced in fair conditions. That’s built on the 9 universities from England and Wales that have were already members.