Crowd of students holding up banners reading "Universities for all: Borders Off Campus: Hostile Environment" with pink flares


This campaign, Undoing Borders, took place from 2018-2022, and has been left here as an archival example of what student campaigning against the Hostile Environment can look like.

Over this period, People & Planet supported student groups across a number of campuses to understand and resist the myriad ways in which universities act on behalf of the home office to restrict the freedom of students and staff with irregular or insecure immigration status. For more information on how these policies manifest as injustice and the steps that students can take to fight back, check out our How Universities Can Resist the Hostile Environment resource.

At People & Planet, our migrant justice work is now focused supporting Divest Borders groups to demand that their unis remove all funding from the private companies who profit from violence against migrating people - get in touch today to join or start a campaign!

For other ways to get involved with migrant justice on your campus, check out the following campaigns:

We Belong | Freedom from Torture | Migrants Organise |Anti-raids network | These Walls Must Fall | End Deportations

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