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From Brexit to the Windrush scandal, the movement of people across borders continues to dominate political conversations at every level. The media is key in framing these conversations. But instead of questioning racist policies and their effect on people’s lives, mainstream narratives continually ignore the voices of those who migrate. We are a student movement fighting against the 'hostile environment' infringing on our campuses and collectively creating a new vision and future. Join the the campaign to start fighting the border industry on your campus and change the way media reports on migration.

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What we are calling for

The current narratives deliberately ignore the root causes of why people, particularly
from the Global South, are forced to migrate and fail to recognise our historical
responsibility for the uprooting of communities. Environmental chaos, imperial
wars and global capitalism - disproportionally driven by the Global North - create a
perpetual condition of precarity and displacement.

The language used in our press platforms has been described as ‘extremist’ and
feeding a ‘vicious cycle of vilification, intolerance and politicisation of migrants’ by the
UN High Commisioner. The word ‘illegal’ specifically is both inaccurate and harmful: it is
legally incorrect, criminalises and dehumanises people, and costs lives.

It shouldn’t be the role of journalists to embrace the narratives of political parties that
scapegoat migrants.

Our current campaign aims to stop the systemic dehumanisation of migrants in the
media and to create a cultural shift towards a fair and humane reporting on migration.

Not Illegal - Human

People & Planet have been working with journalists, young migrants and experts in the
sector to create the Media Charter for Ethical Reporting on Migration, which can be
used both as a set of guidelines for journalists and a campaigning tool. Among other
demands, it asks for media outlets to drop the word ‘illegal’.

SIGN the Not Illegal - Human Petition

We are now campaigning for journalists, publications and academics to sign up to the charter's principles, and for media and journalism departments to incorporate the charter in their courses.

Media Charter for Ethical Reporting on Migration

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Before the current campaign came into being, student campaigning in the UK has led to 11 universities boycotting Google ads on Breitbart Media, including:

  • Newman University

  • Edinburgh University

  • Loughborough University

  • Queens University Belfast

  • LSE

  • University of Westminster

  • University Of Newcastle

  • University of St. Mark & St. John

  • University of Surrey

  • University of West England Bristol

  • University Of Westminster

Globally 101 universities have turned their back on Breitbart, a right-wing news website that fuels racist views and provides a platform for fascist opinion.