Join the Undoing Borders campaign

It is wrong to criminalise the movement of vulnerable people. Especially when their displacement is the result of our global political and economic system.

We are a student movement fighting for the full political, social and economic rights of all migrants, and for a borderless world.Join the the campaign to fight the border industry on your campus and racist reporting in the media.

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Why Migration, Why Now?

It’s 2016, and migration is in the headlines. From Europe’s failure in preventing the deaths of thousands of refugees, to stoked up racial hatred in the wake of Brexit, the movement of people across borders continues to dominate political conversations at every level.

The media is key in framing these conversations. However, mainstream media narratives are not neutral. They systematically exclude certain voices - the voices of those who migrate.

They also deliberately ignore the root causes of why people, particularly from the Global South, are forced to migrate. Environmental chaos, imperial wars and global capitalism creates a perpetual condition of precarity and displacement.

It is crucial - now more than ever - to organise in defence of those left vulnerable by our global political and economic system, which routinely displaces communities throughout the world, and then punishes them for leaving for a better life.

What is the Undoing Borders campaign fighting for?

Tackling racist reporting in the media.

The media campaign exists to both take irresponsible reporting on migration to task, and to reward and encourage good reporting on migration.

Resisting the border industry on campus and beyond.

It is also important to tackle the companies that make the material reality of borders possible. The border industry - which is a network of state and private companies, as well as a set of cultural and social ideas - that maintain and profit from the enforcement of border oppression.

From contracting outsourced labour, to providing security services; from building infrastructure to recruiting at careers fairs, it is not uncommon for companies heavily invested in the border industry to have a strong presence in higher and further education.

Companies profiting off violence have no place anywhere. Kick them off campus!

Block Ads on Breitbart

Breitbart News is the self proclaimed voice of the new-right, made famous for supporting Trump's rise to power and its ex-CEO - Steve Bannon's - place in Trumps inner circle.

Its far right message includes cheerleading for the #MuslimBan, sexist rants about keeping women in their place, attacks on anyone who stands up to Trump, misinformation on climate change, as well as a constant flow of out and out racism.

Sleeping Giants has had great success getting the site blocked from advertisers such as Kellogs, EasyJet and over 800 other organisations.

Breitbart now has a London channel focused on stirring up far right politics in the UK. Students in the UK have so far got Newman University to block its ads on Breibart, now it's time to go big in the UK using the tactics Sleeping Giants have developed:

1. Go to BreitbArt London and take a screenshot of an ad next to some of their content

2. TWEET OR Post on Facebook the screenshot to the company and ask them to block their ads.

TAG @peopleandplanet on Twitter or @People & Planet on Facebook so we can track ads wins!

3. Sign the petition to push Ordnance survey to drop ads.