Extras Packages

Get the most out of the People & Planet University League.


People & Planet have offered consultancy to the HFE sector for over 20 years. Through workshops or by delivering training, by attending university staff meetings or sustainability boards and by offering telephone support.

We are able to offer consultancy to support your university around the University League in the form of a University League package - this might include data, artworks, media support or bespoke consultancy by phone and email.

Your university score and ranking for 2019 - advanced notification

Media package - £200 - prepare your media and communications for publication day


  • Advanced notification of your university score and position in the 2019 University League Table

  • Bespoke quote from People & Planet regarding your university performance to use in your press releases and on PR materials.

  • Artworks for your materials, publications, social media banners, badges and websites showing your university position and or degree classification in the 2019 Uni League.

Please enquire to consultancy@peopleandplanet.org (or make card payment below)

Custom artwork

Artwork £60

Custom 'badges' with your university's name and its award class are available for £60. The graphic can be provided at a specified width and a high resolution version for print-use is also available.

Enquiries: consultancy@peopleandplanet.org (or make card payment below)


Full data spreadsheets

Full Data Package £950

The full 2017 and 2019 data sets in spreadsheet format for use by your university.

Each year's data is in a spreadsheet with all the scores for every question and every university in it. This makes it possible for teams to analyse their university in the full context of the sector; identify outliers; compare universities; identify areas for improvement and celebrate areas the university stands out.

Nb. Terms apply and the data is for internal use by the university.

example charts

Full data package, charts and artworks - £1350

Slideshow-ready charts showing your institution’s position for every score

  • See where your university leads or lags in the sector
  • Identify where your university could make improvements


  • Get advanced notification of your score and ranking prior to publication
  • Receive bespoke artworks with your university name, position in the league and or degree classification with logo

Enquiries to consultancy@peopleandplanet.org (or make card payment below)

Full Support package

Data, graphics, media, artwork and bespoke consultancy support: £2,000


  • media package and artworks


  • The full 2017 data set for use by your university, including charts - receive the data as soon as you make your purchase.

  • Telephone and email consultancy sessions (in person is possible by request) to talk through provisional scores, appeals process, final scores and an analysis report.

  • The full 2019 data set for use by your university, including charts.

Please contact: consultancy@peopleandplanet.org