Fossil Free Careers Branch Motion

A Just Transition is one which puts workers, unions, and organised labour at the heart of decision making. If you are worker at university and part of a union branch, or know someone who is, then you can use our template union branch motion to link up struggles on campus and solidify student-staff solidarity.

Template Motion

Further reading:

1. For a precise definition of the companies we refer to when we say ‘oil, gas, and mining companies’,  see the research undertaken by the London Mining Network and People & Planet to identify the campaign targets.

2. For more on the role of the oil, gas, and mining industry on accelerating climate change  and environmental breakdown, see:

3. For more on the existing commitments of UCU Congress to supporting a Just Transition, see the Business of the Strategy and Finance Committee 2017 (open session).

4. For more background information on the Fossil Free Careers campaign, see the Fossil Free Careers Website.