People & Planet Democracy

People & Planet strives to be student-led by

  • supporting campaigns that our student network has democratically chosen;
  • providing skills training to empower students to run the campaigns of their choice; and
  • have over 50% student representation on our Board of Trustees.

Stand in the election to be a People & Planet trustee

Please tell us:

1. Your university or college and year of graduation.

2. Which campaigns you have been involved in (Fossil Free/Sweatshop Free/Undoing Borders/any others)

3. In no more than 100 words: why do you want to be a People & Planet trustee? Tell us about how your experience of campaigning will support your role as a trustee shaping People & Planet  and what your vision for People & Planet is.

4. In no more than 50 words: People & Planet is committed to equality, diversity, liberation and social justice. We are looking for a Board of Trustees with diverse experiences and perspectives that can help raise the voices of those who are typically underrepresented in campaigning organisations. Please explain how your experience will help us realise this vision.

Elected student trustees

Students are on our governing body, The Board of Trustees (otherwise know as BoT), overseeing the work that People & Planet does. Over half of the BoT members are elected student representatives, ensuring the organisation continues to work in the best interest of the network. BoT elections are held every February.

The board of trustees guides the long-term planning, finances and legal existence of People & Planet. We work to oversee all the work the organisation does, and make sure it’s working in the best interests of student campaigners. This is why having a majority of student trustees around the table is so important: you know what’s affecting activism in your universities and colleges first-hand. 

The Board of Trustees currently meets four times a year, and all members should attend the meetings. Office staff are also invited along to meetings in an advisory capacity and to present and get feedback on our campaign strategies and movement building initiatives.

Apply to become a student trustees

If you would like to steer amazing campaigns like Fossil Free, Sweatshop Free and Undoing Borders, and gain invaluable experience shaping a radical NGO, this is the job for you. This February the People & Planet network will elect 4 new students trustees.

People & Planet particularly encourages applications from women, people from ethnic minority backgrounds, people with disabilities, people with dependents or caring responsibilities and other groups typically under-represented in campaigning organisations. We are committed to making reasonable adjustments to enable any Trustee to fulfill their role on our Board.

We are deeply committed to equality, diversity, liberation and social justice and we welcome applications from anyone who shares these values. We find that people with diverse perspectives and experiences improve and refresh the way People & Planet works and we welcome news ideas and ways of working.

"Being a student trustee at People & Planet is a fantastic experience. I believe passionately that People & Planet is an organisation like no other, and the impact it has on young people is unmatched in social and climate justice campaigning. That's why I find it incredibly exciting and enjoyable being part of a team responsible for ensuring that People & Planet can continue this amazing work. As a new trustee I received an induction and I find the time commitment is just right so really I would recommend anyone who is interested to apply."
Nat Shiers, student trustee 2016-18

Register to vote

Make sure you and everyone in your group is registered to vote by signing up here.



Student-led campaigns

People & Planet believes that to build a truly democratic movement, we’ve got to start from the bottom up.

That’s why all the groups in the People & Planet network have full autonomy on which campaigns they run and how those campaigns are organised. Many groups in the network use consensus-based decision making to make sure that all their members can input on the direction and organisation of their campaigns.

Although most of the groups in the network run at least one campaign that has been democratically chosen at Power Shift, you don’t have to run one of those campaigns or be a People & Planet group to get support from us and attend our trainings.