Water Reduction

This section is based on the latest available data from the Estates Management Record (EMR), which is made publicly available by the Higher Education Statistics Agency, HESA.

This section accounts for 8% of the total score.

Water consumption per head

Worth 67% of section total:

Per head staff and student numbers are calculated as Full Time Equivalents (FTE). This is a standard method used by universities to factor in part time study and work. Students and staff employed by research are also included in our calculation.

The FTE total is taken as the sum of student, research and staff FTE.


As in previous years, universities will be scored by banding values into groups.

Grey or rain water used

Worth 33% of section total:

This is based on the percentage grey/rain water compared to total water consumption.


As in previous years, universities will be scored by banding values into groups.

Interpretation notes

HESA now provides strict rules for data submission around nulls and zero. Universities are instructed to use null when they do not have the data, and are alerted to the fact that this will mean totals are not calculated by HESA.

People & Planet has interpreted nulls from the viewpoint that points must be earned through transparency and proof.

Null data for total consumption will result in zero score.

Null data for grey/rain water will be assumed zero.

Sometimes there is some null data for staff FTE. Clearly all universities have staff. However, we have had to use zero here, which will result in a slightly poorer performance metric for those universities.