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It is wrong to criminalise the movement of vulnerable people. Especially when their displacement is the result of our global political and economic system.  We are a student movement fighting for the full political, social and economic rights of all migrants, and for a borderless world.

Undoing Borders Action Guide

We are a student movement fighting the advance of the 'hostile environment' onto our campuses and producing a collective vision of the truly public university. We campaign to push back the surveillance and policing of migrant students and workers, and counter-act the financial and administrative barriers that undercut migrants' access to education.

Find out how you can take action on your campus.

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Let Us Learn briefing paper

Restrictions on student finance, mean that, unlike most of our peers, Let us Learn campaigners cannot get loans and are charged overseas fees, without scholarship funding we have no hope of taking up university places.

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Decolonise Cambridge

In the past academic year, there has been an increasing amount of interest among students and staff to decolonise Cambridge.

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3 Oct 2017

Principles for ethical reporting on migration launched

Over 150 journalists and politicians sign on to our new Principles for Ethical Reporting on Migration. We worked young migrants, Migrants' Rights Network and reporters to develop a set of ten principles that ask journalists and public figures signed up to, committing to working to change the way the media talks about migrants.

7 July 2016

Undoing Borders campaign launched

The UK government is denying basic human rights through racist policies. In 2014, a policy to create a 'hostile environment' was implemented. We have seen not just the overt blatant physical borders come to the fore, but also the everyday borders that deny undocumented migrants basic human rights. Resulting in being denied access to health care, education and housing, falling hand in hand with the ever rising racist abuse towards people from a migrant background.