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A Shitlist of Universities


The People & Planet University League Table has just been released for 2018/19! This year’s table is particularly interesting as we are now more aware than ever that we stand at the crossroads of a climate catastrophe if we don’t take action, and the spotlight is on universities. What are universities doing to tackle the climate crisis? Which universities are still complicit in the destruction of the planet and the world’s most vulnerable communities? All is revealed in the People & Planet University League!

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Here's how this University jumped 61 league table places...

students in front of sweatshop free banner

University of Kent student, Emily Rollerson, on how her university jumped from Third Class to a 2:1 in People & Planet’s 2019 University League.

People and Planet has opened my eyes to the ways in which universities are complicit in human rights abuses and environmental destruction. So finding out that the University of Kent’s electronics supply chains were not being monitored for workers rights abuses felt like a huge betrayal to me.

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GoGreen19: Getting staff on your side- Student Staff solidarity!

Found that your university management are sometimes uncooperative or even belligerent? It’s likely that staff are just as tired of them as you are. The forces that students are fighting against are the same ones that led to pay cuts for staff and increased workloads and zero-hour contracts. We have far more in common with our lecturers than we might initially think.

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GoGreen19: International justice and the Paris Agreement

Photo of COP 21 non violent direct action

 Discussions of climate change go hand in hand with issues of justice and distributive fairness, this is because the burdens of climate change disproportionately affect the poorest areas of the world where its inhabitant are the least equipped to deal with its impact, due to geographic vulnerability and poverty. Therefore, it seems logical that the international response to climate change, in the form of international agreements; aim to avert the climate crisis whilst being sensitive to questions of justice and fairness.  

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Our regional events this semester went with a bang!

This semester has been a busy one – we've had the 48hrs of Action in solidarity with Samsung factory workers protesting dangerous working conditions and union-busting, the National Day of Action for fossil fuel divestment, and, of course, our exciting regional events! These couldn't have happened if it weren't for our amazing regional organisers, scattered across the United Kingdom as well as Ireland; everyone who supports our work; and all the students involved in the network. Thank you!

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Union Busting? That’s Disgusting!

People & Planet groups across the country are participating in 48 Hours of Action this October, calling attention to union busting in Samsung and other major brands in the electronics industry. Kicking off in Cardiff outside the Samsung Experience Store on Queen Street, we filled the Welsh capitals streets with chants of “What do we want? Workers rights! When do we want them? Now!” and “Union busting? That’s disgusting!” whilst distributing flyers and collecting signatures for People & Planets petition asking Samsung to end their no-union policy.

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