Fossil Free Careers Resources

Want to run an effective Fossil Free Careers campaign on your campus? We've put together all the resources you might need to make it a success. From in-depth campaign guides to template posters, flyers, stickers and more, it's all here in one place for you to use. If there's anything you'd like for your campaign that you think is missing, just get in contact. We'd love to hear your ideas!


Action Guide

The Fossil Free Careers Action Guide is a step-by-step guide to getting involved in the campaign. It's our most comprehensive resource yet, and should be the starting point for a Fossil Free Careers campaign. Why not read it through with your friends and learn about the campaign together?

Action Guide

Guide: Passing Student Union Motions

Student Unions are a key democratic channel which students can use to bring about change at their university. We have written a template Student Union motion (and a guide to passing it) that you can use to gain the backing of your Student Union and build support for Fossil Free Careers on your campus.

Student Union motion

Guide: Passing Worker Branch Motions

A Just Transition is one which puts workers, unions, and organised labour at the heart of decision making. If you are worker at university and part of a union branch, or know someone who is, then you can use our template union branch motion to link up struggles on campus and solidify student-staff solidarity.

Union branch motion

Guide: Contacting Careers Services

Engaging with your university Careers Service and starting up a dialogue is an important part of the Fossil Free Careers campaign. We've put together a short guide on doing that, alongside a suggested email, to give you the confidence you need to make contact.

Contacting Careers Services

Frequently Asked Questions + Myths

There are some questions that keep coming up, and some persistent myths that we keep hearing. So we decided to answer them all in one place. Give this a good read and you'll be able to deal with any question that comes up like a champ. 

FAQs and Mythbusting


Posters are a great resource for campaigns. You can go around in groups and put them up all over campus to make your campaign visible. You can also hand them out for folks to put up in their accommodation blocks to show support. We've put together some full colour, printer friendly, and black and white versions to use. You can also customise these for your university. Get in touch and we'll send you the template!

 Full colour   Black + White   Printer Friendly


Feel free to print these flyers out and use them for your campaign. You can put them on the table on your outreach stall, or take a stack with you to your action and use them to engage folks passing by and tell them about the campaign.

Download the flyers

Stickers and badges

Want some shiny stickers and badges to help people show their support for the campaign? Just get in touch with us and we'll send you some!

Get in touch

Design Pack

Want to make a Fossil Free Careers branded flyer, or step up your social media game? Everything you need is below.

For fonts, we use Graph Condensed and Klima. You can download these from the branding site.

The main colour for Fossil Free Careers is orange. Use these codes to get the right shade: Hex: #FFA017 or RGB: 255,160,23.

There are multiple versions of the Fossil Free Careers logo, depending on the background colour needed and whether a horizontal or square logo fits better. You can download all the logos and pick the most appropriate.

Download  the Logos


Collegiate Motion

At Universities made up of colleges, like Oxford, Cambridge, Durham and York, you can use this collegiate motion to build wide support across the student community. Take it to the undergraduate and postgraduate common room meetings and start getting the endorsements flowing in.

Collegiate Motion

Legal Briefing

A set of FAQs written by the law firm Bindmans LLP on the impact of the Higher Education (Freedom of Speech) Act on the Fossil Free Careers campaign:

"Does the Higher Education (Freedom of Speech) Act 2023 change the ability of universities and Student Unions to exclude companies in certain industries from their recruitment activities and publications?

Generally speaking, the answer is likely to be ‘no’."

Legal Briefing