Resource your campaigning!

We have all sorts of resources to help your group from workshops to action guides, briefings to videos. Check them out below.

Divest Barclays Action Guide

If we are serious about preventing catastrophic warming, we need to stop Barclays funding any new coal mines, drill any new fracking sites or build any more pipelines. Not a single one. Take action to tell them we’re done expanding the fossil fuel frontier.

2.9MB pdf download

Undoing Borders Action Guide

We are a student movement fighting for the full political, social and economic rights of all migrants, and for a borderless world. Join the the campaign to start fighting the border industry on your campus and change the way media reports on migration.

Find out how you can take action on your campus.

1.9MB pdf download

Collective Liberation Guide

We believe that nobody is free until we're all free.

That means that all of our oppressions and liberation are bound up together, so through organising in solidarity we'll win justice for all.

Use this guide to thread the principle of collective liberation through all of your campaigns and organising.

321.2kB pdf download

Go Green Week 2019 Student Guide

Get involved in taking on the fossil fuel industry this Go Green Week by challenging its relationship to banks like Barclays. From 11-15th February, we have events and activities every day to fill your campus with Fossil Free fun.

379.3kB pdf download

Go Green Week 2018 Student Handbook

Check out our Go Green Week 2018 Student Handbook for ideas on how to use the week to build your fossil free movement on campus including discounted film screenings, webinars on solidarity and campaign planning, campaign escalation workshops and actions to take to build popular support.

192.9kB pdf download

YOUR RIGHT TO PROTEST A guide for protesters

This guide by NUS, NUS Black Students and Defend the Right to Protest is intended to provide you with the information necessary for you to take control of your protest experience and prepare in a way that is right for you.

311.0kB pdf download

Media Guide

Utilising the media for your campaign can be incredibly effective for growing your reach and maximising your impact. This guide shows you how!

199.1kB pdf download